Indigenous Elders’ Role in Fostering Intergenerational Relationships with Youth

Keywords: Elders, Reconciliation, Resilience, Knowledge Transfer, Intergenerational, Sharing Circle, Community, Health and Wellness, Youth, Indigenous


The purpose of this student driven commentary is to explore the importance of intergenerational relationships between Indigenous Elders and youths. Indigenous Elders play an important role in fostering intergenerational relationships and passing on cultural and traditional teachings. They pass on traditional knowledges and lessons learned from a lifetime of experiences to the next generation through a variety of means (such as sharing circles and storytelling) to help future generations understand and honour the teachings and understandings of the generations before. Elders play a central role in the passing on of traditional beliefs, language, and cultural practices, which empower Indigenous youth to connect with family and community, promoting ties to the land. Elders are role models supporting a positive cultural identity and establishing ties to Indigenous traditions, values, and practices.

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Yang, T., & Warburton, D. (2018). Indigenous Elders’ Role in Fostering Intergenerational Relationships with Youth. The Health & Fitness Journal of Canada, 11(4), 88-93.

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