Editorial Team

Editorial Board Structure

Our journal is indebted to the gracious work of our volunteer editorial board led by our Editor-in-Chief with a series of Associate Editors, many of whom also serve as Section Editors. Our team is supported by a Head Copyeditor and Managing Editor (Kai Kaufman) and reviewers from around the world. 


Dr. Shannon Bredin (School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia)

Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Shannon Bredin, is our lead editor and is reponsible for the direction and ongoing management of our journal. 

Associate Editors

We are honoured to have a leading academics and practitioners serve as Associate Editors for our journal. Current Associate Editors include: 

Dr. Jason Brandenburg, University of the Fraser Valley

Dr. Sarah Charlesworth, Vancouver General Hospital

Dr. Norman Gledhill, York University

Dr. Veronica Jamnik, York University

Henry Lai MSc, University of British Columbia

Dr. Rosalin Maria Miles, Indigenous Physical Activity and Cultural Circle & University of British Columbia

Dr. Moss Norman, University of British Columbia

Dr. Andrew Perrotta, Langara College

Donna Perry, Capilano University

Dr. Ryan Rhodes, University of Victoria

Dr. Darren Warburton, University of British Columbia

Dr. Matt White, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Zainisha Vasanji, HealthLinkBC

Section Editors

Our journal has also appointed Section Editors, who are responsible for reviewing specific manuscript types. 

Head Copyeditor & Managing Editor

Our journal is indebted to the work of our Head Copyeditor and Managing Editor, Kai Kaufman, who oversees the editing, typesetting, and final formatting of published articles.