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Physical Activity in Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation as a Primary and Secondary Preventative Measure Against Cancer
Philip Do, Henry Lai, Darren E. R. Warburton 
Interactive Video Games are an Effective Supplementary to Pediatric Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy: Knowledge Translation of Video Game-based Therapy
Henry Lai, Eric N. Ho, Darren E. R. Warburton 
Integrating Aerobic and Musculoskeletal Training can Prevent the Vicious Cycle of Physical Inactivity and Functional Decline: Knowledge Translation of Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors
Henry Lai, Phillip Do, Darren E. R. Warburton 
Health Benefits of Physical Activity Across the Adult Lifespan: Knowledge Translation of "More Is Better, But Every Little Bit Counts"
Henry Lai, Darren E. R. Warburton 


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A Resource Supporting Community Garden Initiatives Among Indigenous Communities.
Waneek Horn-Miller, Emily Ervine, Brandon Humphrey, Katie Lienhard, Darren E. R. Warburton



Premature birth and motor milestones: the importance and use of adjusted age