Habitualizing resistance exercises in Seniors in Singapore – As easy as a walk in the park

Mini-Oral Presentation A3.19


  • Jingyi Shannon Chia Sport Singapore
  • Hock Woon Chiang Sport Singapore




Seniors, Sarcopenia, Resistance Exercise, Walking, Habit


In Singapore, about one in five would be 65 years or older by 2030. While recent trends in 2018 showed an encouraging and upward trend with 74% of seniors participating in physical activity at least once a week, most of which are largely confined to walking. It is well-established that aging, even in the absence of chronic disease, is associated with a variety of biological changes that contributes to increased risks of sarcopenia, warranting the need to emphasize resistance exercises. It is apparent that the “traditional” delivery of resistance exercises through structured training often entails low long-term adherence especially in older individuals. It is, therefore, critical to re-think active ageing beyond COVID especially on ways to incorporate resistance exercises without having to visit the gym or rely on physical group-based activities to ensure the safety and health of seniors amidst this global pandemic. This study aims to leveraging on the power of habit to assimilate resistance exercises into existing walking routines. 80 seniors aged 60 and above participated in this study where they were introduced to 8 different resistance exercises along with the habit loop concept (Cue, routine, reward). Tapping on their existing cues that primed the walking behaviours, we present a case example of a Discovery Walk in the Park where participants are exposed to key elements in the park where they can incorporate resistance exercises. Our goal is to empower seniors and bring resistance exercises “closer” to the citizens so they can enjoy active living in their neighbourhoods and live life to the fullest. This is the first of such a programme in Singapore and in this presentation, we share useful insights on habitualizing resistance exercises in a sustainable manner amidst the challenges of an ageing population globally, opening new doors of opportunities for the promotion of active ageing in Singapore.



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Chia, . J. S., & Chiang, H. W. (2021). Habitualizing resistance exercises in Seniors in Singapore – As easy as a walk in the park: Mini-Oral Presentation A3.19. The Health & Fitness Journal of Canada, 14(3). https://doi.org/10.14288/hfjc.v14i3.460